“I was crazy about my middle brother, John, and very happy when he was home for Christmas just before he was sent to Africa.”
“Amelia arrived when I was twenty-two; I was amazed that this perfect little creature was now part of my life.”
“Once Alex was born, I hung out a shingle and practiced law out of my living room.”
“My research on the economic pressures on middle class families began to get attention, and in 1990 I was invited to appear on the Today show. Bruce’s dad took a whole roll of film of me on his television set—just to prove it really had happened.”
“As our work at the new consumer agency got under way, we met with as many people as we could. We wanted to craft regulations that would be tough and effective, and that meant lots of outreach.”
“At the Democratic National Convention in September 2012, I said the game was rigged, and a lot of people in the audience seemed to agree.”
“When we made history, Bruce gave me one of the biggest and best hugs of my life.”