A Fighting Chance

By Elizabeth Warren




CBS Sunday Morning: Elizabeth Warren, The Fighter

April 20, 2014

If you ask many progressives voters from Harlem to Hollywood, they’ll say a woman should run for president in two years: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The Massachusetts Democrat is both revered and reviled; her style is aggressive, and her message is economic populism (“Everyone who works hard and plays by the rule should have a real chance to get ahead.”), that Main Street is under siege by Wall Street.

“How can it be,” she told Strassmann, “that if you’re just big enough and you commit big enough crimes, that there’s no one out there who wants to hold you accountable? This is the consequence, again, of too much concentration of money and power.”

Warren has written a new book, her tenth: A Fighting Chance comes out this week. It’s a plea for economic fairness, especially for America’s beleaguered middle class, wrapped inside her life story.

“This is my life’s work,” she said. “For more than 25 years now I’ve been working on trying to sound the alarm on what’s happening to America’s middle class.”

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